Jungian therapy for Denver metro area in Colorado

Our mental and spiritual health, just like our physical health, deserves special attention and personalized care. When our mental and spiritual health is struggling, it can begin to affect every aspect of our life. Give yourself the care and attention that you deserve.

If you are near Denver, CO, contact me to schedule a free consultation. I specialize in Jungian psychotherapy but can treat a myriad of issues from different perspectives that can provide you with hope and healing for your future.

Jungian Psychology

Jungian therapy offers a unique and empathetic perspective that can help people understand the root causes of their anxiety, anger, depression, and additional mental health struggles. Through my style I can help people see their current thought processes, whether conscious or unconscious and help them better face the challenges of daily life. I offer a safe and helpful way to explore your past and heal from difficult experiences.

Jungian therapy, when facilitated by a skilled therapist, can help individuals deeply heal from trauma and those burdened with fear, doubt, or feeling lost. No one should have to suffer in silence, and when we give our mental and spiritual health proper attention, we can find an immense amount of hope and optimism for the future.

I am a licensed and experienced therapist and one who is committed to helping individuals deeply heal through empathetic therapy. As a United States Navy veteran and former 1st responder, I understand some of the most difficult experiences that we can experience as human beings.

Empathy in Therapy

To learn more about the benefits of Jungian psychology and myself contact me at (720) 507-7183.